“I wanted to look at mythology, and I knew I wanted to create a piece for costume or something for a theatrical production. I’ve always been really interested in Icelandic mythology and was fascinated by trolls as a child.

I read loads of different stories and tales and myths, and this particular story I was familiar with from when I was young. I thought it would be a cool creature to create.

It’s got a steel wire frame, which has been spot welded. Then it’s got cabling to create a light weight frame with as few gaps as possible. Then I covered it in a layer of papier mâché newsprint, just to give it a hard shell. Then it’s got panelling of wadding over the top of that, which took about seven hours to dry in my small porch!

It’s covered in ink mixed with PVA and then tissue paper. I’m staying at AUB to do Make-up. I did the Foundation to get onto the course. I’m really looking forward to the hair and wigs aspect, and the special effects make-up. I’m leaning towards theatrical make-up because that’s what I like.”