In early October, first year BA (Hons) Creative Events Management students went on a trip to Hauser and Wirth gallery and then to see Stacked Wonky’s performance of `The Landings`.

The aesthetics of these places meant that I chose to film them as I think it is really interesting to look at these two contrasting arts venues side by side.

You can take a look at the video here:

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The session at Hauser and Wirth was fascinating. We got an insight into the background of the events that are held there and all of their educational schemes.

We had some free time to wander around the galleries and gardens, as well as a guided tour explaining specific artists’ works. The whole place had a very formal, sophisticated feel about it.

After this we went down to Minehead to watch`The Landings` performed by Stacked Wonky Dance Company. No one knew what to expect.

We were loaded onto a coach and taken to a grassy public footpath where we were told to just follow the man with the violin. A short walk down the footpath and we saw a small boy running around and throwing himself on the floor and there it began.

We were guided through an emotional experience of performance that gave us the opportunity to make our own choices as to who we followed and whether to stay or go.

Through the whole performance not a word was said until very near the end when they each stated their names.

The event told a touching story of what it’s like to be a refugee and some of the things they experience. The whole audience were completely immersed and invested into the story as throughout the show you became more and more a part of it.

It was cold and dark making it even more real. A really touching event.

The contrast of the formal galleries of Hauser and Wirth set against the fields that we were lead through during ‘The Landings’ is a real eye opener to how different events venues can be, yet still so successful.