“I’ve previously done Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It was a process to help manage my thoughts. It was hard for me to comprehend, so I tried to echo that in the structure of the letters I did.

Although people would look at the structure, they wouldn’t be able to tell what it was. Some people can make out the shapes from the shadows. As soon as the light is on, you can see, but as the light goes off, thought gone. It’s very temporary. I looked through lots of materials until I got to wood. It was a huge learning curve, because I hadn’t done structural stuff before.

I started by making the mock-ups in cardboard, to make sure I got the right shapes. My whole journey was really about communication. I’ve recently found out that I may be dyslexic. I’m not very good at writing, but everything I’ve focused on has been words and text and the struggle to form words. It almost portrays the way I see words. I didn’t realise the journey until I put all of my work together.

I particularly liked third year. I think it pushed me and I suddenly found my element. I might look into doing an MA, because I feel like it’s not finished. I’ve found my stride and I don’t want to leave everything.”