“My collection was initially based on a trip to Disneyland Paris. They have an attraction called Tomorrowland there, which is set in the 1950s and embodies the Space Age. It’s based on a 1950s’ idea of the future.

I started looking more into the Space Age and the dresses in my collection are very much based on the futuristic dresses of the 1960s and also 1950s architecture.

I incorporated a style of architecture that was popular in America in the 1950s, called Googie, which was again rooted in the Space Age. My work is a blend of these two influences.

Ahead of Graduate Fashion Week, we put on our work at Pavilion Dance South West and it was really exciting as it was the first time we’d seen our collections as a whole, all together and finished.

Seeing it here in London was amazing, it’s seeing the reaction of someone who has never seen your work as well as seeing the clothes physically moving along a catwalk.

I have enjoyed my time at AUB – it’s been challenging, third year especially has been a lot of work, but it’s definitely all been worth it.”