“It’s a circle, and I’m just crosshatching it. It’s a performance piece so I’m here for the whole night just drawing away. I’m also an international bob sleigh athlete. I compete for Great Britain, so my piece is about time and perseverance and training alongside doing other things, it’s about my end goal really. I’m training towards the 2018 Olympic games and I don’t know if I’m going to get there, anything could happen. My work is about that really.

I could fill my circle, but I could also not fill my circle. I did one at Uni and it was slightly larger. When I first started the circle it was 1000 days to go until the Olympics, so the circumference of the circle was 1000cm. So this one is smaller, the diameter is the number of weeks left. It’s all time based.

This one is probably more realistic to fill in. I spent 43 hours on the one in Bournemouth and didn’t even get a quarter done, but that’s a part of it really. The amount of time I put into my training, I enjoy it and don’t have a problem with doing all this tiny cross-hatching. If you’re doing something, it has a purpose really.

There are quite a lot of similarities in a weird way. With sport it’s all about focus, and you’re using your body at the same time. In art, you’re trying to use your mind at the same time, whilst obviously I’m using my body to do the drawing. There’s a weird balance of that kind of focus. The focus I’m using when I do sport is really similar to the focus I use when I’m doing my art. It’s very on the same level, and it’s a peaceful state that you get into. When I’m done it will just get painted over. It’s there and then it’s gone.

My end goal is to compete in the 2018 Olympics. Obviously it has been hard to try and do both at the same time. This year I got selected to go away on season and compete for Britain. For three months at the beginning of the year I wasn’t in uni, so it is tricky. To come away with a degree in the first place is great. When I told my lecturers they were all really supportive.”