“A centre designed for teenagers between the ages of 13-16, trying to get them active. So its looking at the idea of video games and making it into a real life experience where they can run around and get mucky and have fun. It is based on an adventure island genre so it is a lot of climbing and falling.

My visuals is what I have been strongest at! My sister was moaning that she had nothing to do when she was 14 and this is how the idea came around because all she wanted to do was play on my PlayStation, it kind of just developed from there.

Interior architecture has been brilliant, the things that I have learnt, had I looked at it a couple of years ago I would be like, no… I cannot do this. It’s been really good.

I want to go into doing 3D visualisations so, actually making renders whether that is for residential properties or commercial buildings, working at a computer and giving my life away to that. I enjoy it!”