“These are cosmosis fits – which basically replace a missing artificial limb. I wanted to find a cheaper way of customising prosthetics for kids at a younger age. I wanted to show them that its ok to be different, and that they can be proud of a missing limb.

I found a way to lasercut sheeted silicone – I spent hours playing with settings. I was told it might not be possible but I wasn’t taking no for an answer! I mixed my own silicone and had It sheeted and then lasercut unique sheets and then inlaid them to the feet. They don’t have to use these all the time – you can swap them over, so you can use these if you are going on a night out or to the school disco.

At the moment, all you can have with a prosthetic is the tattoo painted onto it, and it takes a trained technician to do that. Also the ink sits on the surface, so friction can rub it off. This way the ink is totally inlaid so it wont rub out.

I’ve done one for Jackie Coventry, and she is the first person in the UK to have a laser etched tattoo. It’s her gym leg – she now she loves going to the gym and showing it off!


The puppet is Tommy – my final major project. I made everything on him, apart from his glass eyes. I learnt how to hand punch and make a wig, tailor a suit to his body size and 3d printed and modelled the teeth. They’ve been aged so that they look real. He’s a smoker! He works on simple mechanics based around the 1950’s.”