“My favourite role I played this year was ‘Tom’ from Earthquakes in London. Firstly, I feel that Mike Bartlett’s writing is revolutionary. He writes in a way that gives the actors and director complete creative license over the narrative they want to tell – he supplies many options to choose from. So as an actor, tackling Tom was challenging and refreshing because his motives for his actions weren’t exactly clear. This gave me room to boldly experiment whilst opening a healthy and creative dialogue between the director, Doug Cockle, and I. My performance of this character has been the proudest moment of my acting career so far.

My experience on the Acting degree has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone. It has broadened my idea of the actor; it has given me the necessary tools to be a pro-active in the industry and the confidence to create great quality work. I feel that the tutors have catered to the ever-changing nature of the industry in their lectures and classes.

Throughout my years at AUB, I have developed a keen interest in forming a theatre company and devising/writing plays. My next goal is to develop my writing skills through creative writing programs. In the New Year I will be touring with Solomon Theatre Company which I am looking forward to!”