“I never thought I’d be learning how to sew let alone creating a set of umbrellas for my Final Major project, but that’s what is great about Graphic Design at AUB. The most valuable thing I think I have learnt there is to not be confined to the four corners of a piece of paper, to let ideas drive your creativity and dictate the media and canvas for the outcome, no matter how big or small or even outrageous it may seem at first.

The focus of my Final major project was the predominant rise of modern surveillance in Britain and consisted of multiple visual outcomes. More specifically my set of ‘Privacy Umbrellas’ was my response to the overwhelming number of CCTV cameras in Britain and collectively they address the ethical issue of ‘choice’ in regards to surveillance. The idea started off like most, very simple, with a basic observation that the structure of an umbrella acts as a shield from CCTV cameras that more than often are mounted up high.

Furthermore, as my design was targeted predominantly towards British citizens, which prompted me to take influence from multiple British wartime camouflage tedhniques. Firstly ‘Warship Dazzle’ which is a cubist-inspired, disruptive pattern that was painted onto British battleships during World War One in order to conceal their size and orientation and confuse German U-boat commanders. Secondly was a more crude form of camouflage used to conceal ‘Anderson Bomb Shelters’ in peoples gardens during World War Two. Citizens would cover the roofs in turf and/or soil in order to blend in with he ground they were on and help conceal them from an aerial attack.”

Chris’ work was featured in Creative Review’s best of D&AD New Blood 2014.