“I created two supertree models for my final project. The real supertrees are in Singapore – they are these big man-made structures (about 50 metres high) and act as filtering systems. One even holds a restaurant at the top!

They’re an heirloom piece for the children and wife of the person who designed the supertrees, Andrew Grant. Andrew Grant’s wife, Caroline, got in touch with our lecturers and commissioned the two pieces.

Also on display is my butterfly life cycle model, which I made for a museum in Bristol. I was awarded an APMM award (Association of Professional Model Makers) for this project. I won First Prize in the 2016 Art Hedlund Student Modelmaking Competition.

In Second Year, I created a dinosaur as part of a communication project to demonstrate the difference between what people think dinosaurs look like (which is Jurassic Park), versus a more realistic interpretation.

My time at AUB had been really great. The course has been amazing and the tutors have been incredible. It’s really nice to have had the freedom to do what you want to do. First Year involves a bit of testing and experimenting, while in Second and Third Year, you do what you want to do and what you’re passionate about.

I’ve loved my time here and the people that I’ve met. I really like the small campus too. I’m applying for film work now as I think that’s the industry I want to go into.”