“We have become discontent with the ‘human habitat’ longing for an environment more inclusive of our emotional needs and well-being.

‘The Sublime’ is a project inspired by vast expanses and epic landscapes. It is a collection of sensory surfaces that explores whether design could be taken beyond function and aesthetics towards more meaningful interactions.

Laser etching has been used on concrete to mimic the effects of weathering to reveal tactile patterns based on topography and natural textures. Subtle reliefs have been created through casting and the embedding of material; and the thermoforming properties of perspex have been exploited to create three-dimensional forms that emerge from a surface evoking a desire to interact.

Some of these surfaces are not necessarily inviting or practical; based on our more challenging natural environments (Arctic/Antarctic) some pieces are intended to crumble and change with use, to appear fragile or make us wary of our interactions with them. They are surfaces intended to make us more aware of our surroundings and ourselves within a space allowing for more fulfilling user, product relationships.

It was very clear from first year that my interests lay in 3-D manipulations and material innovation rather than in traditional textiles, and I’m so glad that this course gave me the freedom to explore these interests.  The landscape of textiles is changing, and I feel this course is at the forefront of it – supporting and propelling innovative design for fashion, interiors, and craft. It has been a fantastic 3 years, and I would not of been able to get through it without the support and advice from the fantastic team of tutors and technicians.

Since graduating, I am in the process for setting up my own business while doing free-lance work on the side, and will be exhibiting at The National Centre for Craft and Design come September. “