“I worked across five films doing lighting and storyboarding. I did the storyboards for two films, which was a lot of fun. Sitting down and being part of that very early creative process was great, especially seeing it all on screen as it is in the storyboards. I did a lot of lighting throughout a lot of the films, I did an outside night-time shoot. The hardest part was the fact that it was in Bridport, but I had to pretend that it was America! There were buses going past with Jurassic Coast on it, so we had to make the whole thing darker by making certain areas lighter.

It feels pretty natural. Being at this point, I felt confident an able to do the job I was meant to be doing.

I started on Foundation here, and then started off doing documentary on the BA. Then I was going lighting and fiction on the side for fun, and ended up specialising in storyboard.

It’s a very large course, and there’s a lot of people you get to work with. Due to the nature of film, you get to work with everybody. It gives you a lot of people skills too.”