“I was looking into stately homes which have been destroyed or are no longer here. Castle Howard was gutted and destroyed by fire in about 1940, and they are slowly rebuilding it and in the process of restoring it. That was the thought process behind my projects, rebuilding and recreating them.

I think the most useful thing I have learned is to be flexible, don’t get too fixed on one rigid idea and go with it a bit more. I’ve also learned some of the technical industry stuff too, legal things, payment, and how you run a business.

It has been great to just have three years to just focus on your work; you have great support from your tutors. You can really figure out who you are, what you are interested in, and where you are going to head with it.

I would like to get some feedback from my work, see how it is received, and hopefully sell it on to a manufacturer and have it mass-produced. I’d like to see how well it goes down.”