“The inspiration behind my collection was the packaging for footwear, I love collecting trainers and I wanted to create a sportswear range, however I diversified that and looked into designers such as Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto.

I read a book called My Dear Bomb and got lots of great inspiration. The nuclear bomb gave me a lot of ideas and, because designers like Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto do sportswear, I created the collection from there. I used collages and rustic fabrics and basically the aftermath of the Hiroshima bomb, so it was kind of drawing from their history.

It was quite mesmerising that I just bought the fabric, and it was just meters and meters of fabric, all designed from my research. Seeing the models and people taking photos of it, was really cool.

My favourite bit of the course so far has to be designing. We went on a trip to Paris to buy fabrics, I found the best fabrics for my collection which was just perfect. It was just what I wanted coming together. I loved designing it and putting it together, it was a lot of stress, but it was worth it.

Now I have a lot of skills and knowledge and I know what the industry is all about, especially seeing a lot of characters today and people from industry.”