“I’m a Sports Advertising Photographer, I specialise in both stills and video. For my final major project, I focused purely on sports photography and dance photography. One of my series is called Runner High, about the chemical production in the brain during a workout. It demonstrates all the different chemicals your brain produces when you’re working out. I wanted to illustrate this through UV lighting.

I also did a music video for an artist in Norway, which is a dance ballet video. That was the director’s vision. The song is describing society and growing up and being pure and innocent, then society trying to change you into the industry standard. The video shows how you can break through that, through contemporary ballet choreography.

My style since starting the course has changed massively. I didn’t know what I wanted to do initially, I just knew I had a passion for commercials and advertising. Through guidance from my tutors, I feel like my style has shaped itself. Going into sport is something that happened through personal experience. Sport is something that’s close to my heart.

What I really enjoyed about the course, is how much focus there was on conceptual work and conceptual development. Coming onto the course I was very technically focused but, through tutorials and group work, I established more of a style and more depth to my work. Originally, I was only interested in producing aesthetically pleasing work but, through this course, I’ve learnt that photography should be more than that and have some substance. You should see your work develop through the course, and I really feel like mine has.

They really encourage us to work together and talk about our work. If you don’t discuss your ideas, then they’ll never develop. The best part about the course is how they’ll push you further if they see potential there.”