In the third year of our course we have a Final Major Project that takes the form of our largest, most high quality event we have put on since our time on the course, it is the final section of our Live Event module.

For this we receive a budget on behalf of the university, however this is never enough for the group to be able to produce the quality of work needed, therefore we are encouraged to fundraise on our own accord. This is normally done through a variety of activities including club nights, bake sales and raffles.

Due to the nature of our event being around mental health, we were very cautious in choosing our alternative methods of funding. One of my personal hobbies, that I am unfortunately unable to address within our curriculum, is wood craft. Therefore, I suggested to my group that I would be willing to whittle spoons to generate funds to put towards our event as well as using them as part of an installation within our event.

To my shock and pleasure my suggestion was accepted and surprisingly generated quite a lot of interest among the university community. I am using a mixture of dry and green wood, including red cedar, beautiful spalted birch as well as sweet chestnut and recently also the culturally rich; rowan.

To whittle the green wood, I use a combination of an axe, crook knife and wood carving straight knife. For the dry wood (due to its long exposure to my warm dry kitchen) I use more mechanic tools from the workshop on campus. It is a really calming, stress relieving and time-consuming pass time, but possibly one of the most satisfying things I have encountered and I am so glad I got to incorporate it into my academic practice.