Specialist Practice

The penultimate practical project of my university journey provided the opportunity to refine skills in my specialist area of prosthetics before the commencement of final major project. For this project I created a character based on a broken doll from a music box that featured in a series of photographs and a short film clip.

For this project I produced a series of still life photography, using food to create the set and characters. I had to test the concept to find the right food to use as the characters and clothes in final images, I then created a small scale set of the desert landscape. I found a lighting technique that matched the scale of the food and landscape and I developed a visual aesthetic that matched the film imagery that I was influenced by.

Still life about child abuse an neglect. The images show a range of objects, that could be associated with childhood, mixed with sharp and dangerous objects. The juxtaposed objects are shown in a subtle way, and meant as a metaphor of a misconstrued normal that some children have to face.