Larissa Bone graduated from MA Fine Art in July 2015 and is part of Project V, who are exhibiting ‘The Possibility of Everything‘.

“I have been making art since childhood but I became an accountant by profession.  I started to do evening classes in watercolour but this just made me want to know more.  I started formal training in 2008, I did A levels then a foundation then a degree and now I have given up accountancy and only make art.My art practice is quite wide it is very hard to define, for example in this show there is photography, performance and video and I also work in sculpture, all mediums except painting.

Here for this residency I have been thinking about light and dark but also about chance.  The intension with this work is to reference the traditional. Like when you go to the national gallery and you see all these classical paintings. It’s a time paradox really where chiaricuso in painting meets chiaricuso in photography and using technology to express these ideas.

Yes, this is true and time is part of it also.  You have an object in the right light and you can make an image just like that.  Why would you paint? Back then they like to paint they had to paint but if they had the technology would they still paint? People still do paint like this but there is not many, why? Because it is not fashionable, but who is to say tradition is bad? We like it, when we look at it we like it!

I made a lot of work on the MA.  It was hard. I tried everything, I need to make.  My tutor encouraged me to develop my photography and I am glad about this because I had just looked at it but I hadn’t developed it.I work from home where I have a garage.  Really my work happens in a space; everywhere is my studio.

I have a lot of plans.  Doing this residency has also helped with this.  I found this seaweed it’s a very good material from the sea.  I live near the sea and I didn’t realise seaweed was so fantastic. I made a small piece for this show but I would like to make it much bigger. I’ve also applied for some competitions and two have accepted my work but one I am waiting to get back to me.  There is an issue with my age, they accepted my work and then asked for my date of birth.  The competition is for young artists so it will be interesting to see what their response is.  I’m happy they accepted my work, that’s good enough for me. The other one will show my sculptures, one or maybe all three.”