“For this exhibition, I’ve submitted a piece of work that is basically a documentation of an installation that my friend Wilfred and myself took part in. Wilfred is an Architecture student and we worked together about six months ago. We were playing around with binaural sound, which is recording right and left individually, and we played around with how that can play with people’s perceptions a bit.

We took a replica foam head and placed it on a chair and recorded the sounds and enacted a performance with the objects in a room. The next day, we placed people in the exact same room, with the exact same objects, and played what we’d recorded through headphones, but they were blindfolded. When they took their blindfolds off, everything was supposed to appear as though it had moved, but everything was as it was.

For me, Wilfred was playing with the acoustics of the space and I was intrigued to see how it would fool people.”

Dan is the AUB Students’ Union President elect.