“The project is called Once Upon a Shoe and I wanted to do a children’s shoe editorial that was inspired by children’s Fairy Tales. It was a series of eight images in total and I chose different, key moments from each story. So there’s; Princess and the Pea, Little Red Riding Hood and then I made a little set out of card, I then incorporated the shoe into the set. In the images the shoe is representing the character. There’s Cinderella with the little shoe on the cushion. With the Princess and the Pea, the shoe is representing the princess on top of the bed.

It’s been lovely, but it’s gone so quickly, it’s been really fun. I’d love to go into concepts – I really like making concepts. I’d love to work with an advertising agency, with a lot of my projects I always try and make a really interesting concept about it. With still life, rather than just taking a picture of an object I want to make a story about it, so it actually has some meaning to it.”