“I was the supervisor on the Shining, a massive production in a real Hotel, the Chine Hotel in Boscombe, which had closed for the Winter like in The Shining. It was really interesting to work in a hotel because all the rehearsals happened at the hotel.

It was a sourced production, so all of the costumes were bought and it was interesting because it was sourcing a lot of different types of characters costumes. When we source, we buy them ready to go. If needs be we can make alterations like shortening the legs, bringing in the waist but more or less its bought ready to go. The Shining is set in the 70’s, so we tried finding real clothes from the 70’s, there are two dresses which are originals from the 70’s.

I found my time on the course amazing, I would gladly do it again in a heartbeat. I also did my Foundation at AUB so it was nice to follow this through and stay on.

I’ve been accepted onto a Masters in London which is really exciting. It’s in the History of Design but specialising in theatre and performance, at the Royal College of Art and the V&A Museum. So I think I want to stay in costume but I want to get more of a historical knowledge.”