“I designed two pavilions for locations in a forest and in a town. The idea was to bring people from the city into the forest and bring more attention to how important the forests are. Wood is everything — you look at all the designs of structures, houses — it’s everywhere. It’s such a beautiful material, so I wanted to highlight how important it is and how we need to keep our forests intact.

The forest pavilion is designed to reflect the shape of buildings and it’s almost Cathedral-like. The idea was to guide your eyes upwards so you see the forest and the trees, rather than just the bit that’s at eye level. In the town, I wanted to make something that’s kind of representative of the forest but also cityscape-like as well, so it’s a bit of both to try and connect the two. When you walk around it, it distorts your view so you can only see different parts of it, so again it forces you to look at different heights and different surroundings.

I think I’ve become a bit more experimental. I’ve enjoyed this project a lot more because it’s all under our control. I just looked at all the materials and wood is something I really liked and have a passion for.