“The course has a lot of really great facilities and really great tutors, and so they can use their experiences in the design industry to help us. We are given the opportunities to use all theses different facilities and practices, which is the great thing about Visual Communication. It’s not just pigeon holed to each practice, its editorial, digital, packaging and, because we have a wide range of tutors as well, they can help us with all of those things. We come away with experience in all of the practices, so we are branded as general communicators.

My final major is called sense of place, which was looking at making people more aware of sensory information in the atmosphere. I created a camera and app combination, a partnership. The camera captures sensory information in the atmosphere and creates patterns from that information, then the user has the option to upload the images to social media platforms, like Instagram. You can get a sense of place from the images because it has documented patterns. Then you can track ecological changes through the changes in the patterns, so there is an educational and informative side to it as well not just aesthetic.

Digital is the most useful skill I have learned, most design companies now use Adobe Creative Suite, and you have to know how to use Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects. It’s a skill that we can use across all kinds of jobs.

The most useful thing I have learned is to be confident in my ideas. I was quite nervous at the beginning, now I have learnt to go with it and be enthusiastic and confident. I’ve learnt not to worry too much about the detail, go with what I know and use what I know to improve them, and go for it and be brave with my ideas.

Design is getting a bigger and bigger industry every year. We have got a D&AD award nomination, we’ve been invited to the ceremony so we should have a pencil no matter what, whatever level we get is unbelievable. Because we are best mates, housemates and course mates, it would just be the best way to end the year. We worked so hard on it, we all get along so well, its just so great we have been rewarded for our hard work.

In second year I got picked for work experience at ITV, there were five of us who were picked. We were working in their creative department for two weeks, which was surreal but insane. Our CV’s and portfolios are looking great, but we could not have done it without the course, the course gave us those opportunities, so it has been amazing.”