“I think there is a lot of focus on the concept and idea behind the project, which is really important. I see a lot of students’ work has strong concepts, so looks visually good. What I really liked about the course, is the way everyone is friendly and everyone helps each other with their work. We often pin things on the wall and everyone gives each other feedback on their work, which is nice and really supportive.

Today I am showcasing four seasonal cookbooks which come with an iPad app. It’s to help people eat more sustainably and to eat more seasonal ingredients. I redesigned the way a cookbook was designed. Instead of showing how it looks when it’s cooked, I used the raw ingredients and made a pattern out of the raw ingredients. You often see pictures in recipe books, and it never looks like what you have cooked.

There is a system where, on every page, there is the ingredient you are using. To help people get the right time with their food, there is a picture which shows how long to cook each ingredient. I struggle with reading recipes because I am dyslexic, so it is hard to read the words. I get lost and it really frustrates me, so I was thinking about a way that would make it easier for people to cook. The book takes you through the journey as the pages are transparent so you can read them in layers. You don’t have to flip the pages, it gives you the freedom to create your own dish rather than being told what it should look like.

I had the freedom to do what I wanted in this project. I have been really proud of what I have done as originally I thought I wanted to redesign the cookbook, but I kept pushing to create something new.

I came from a school where we just did what our teachers told us and did what they said, whereas here there are so many opportunities. We really have to push for it ourselves, so if you want to do something you have to push for it. I found it hard in first year, as I didn’t think we were getting enough support, but now I realise it’s actually really nice.

Today I am hoping to meet people, get my work showcased, and have a look at other work, which is really inspiring. It is sad that it has all come to an end, but new beginnings are exciting.”