“I was looking at 1950s culture and I’ve always loved stories where nothing really happens. I’ve always loved the atmosphere and building a tension. It’s sort-of Mad Men inspired. The story is simple — the bloke’s coming back from work and the woman’s got her place in the home. It’s making the point that roles now are very different.

I draw out a simple storyboard but the frames are very much dependent on what I have in terms of material — there’s a lot of Ideal Home magazines from the 60s and 70s and a lot of film magazines, advertising films in the cinema from the 50s. The frames develop from what I actually have and I piece it together from what’s in front of me.

I came into it [Illustration] not having a particular style and it wasn’t until this year I made it my goal to finish having a continuity in my work that all looked like my work.”