“My film was The Scarecrow and I was the director. It was a bit scary, if I’m honest. I’ve always wanted to do a horror style film, as there’s not been many of them in our course in the past. I was the first person to do it, but I don’t know a huge amount about horror, so there was a lot of research I had to do. It’s more creepy, there’s no blood in it, but it’s meant to play with your mind.

I’ve loved AUB. I was actually there for two year before I started uni, I did the extended diploma, so for five years it’s been great. It’s really sad that it’s ending. Next I’m focusing on storyboarding, I’m trying to develop my portfolio now. A lot of it has been very centred on the scarecrow, so I need to show that I can do other things apart from draw a scarecrow.”