“It’s a book split into two halves. This side is all about conspiracy theories, “Is Bigfoot real?”, “We’ve seen him”, eyewitness evidence, newspaper clippings, abductions, everything like that. On the flip side, it’s the scientific approach. This is more considered with diagrams, “these are the reasons he doesn’t exist”, everything like that.

In the centre, there’s newspapers and the reason they’re in the centre is because they could be used for either argument. So scientists could say, “look what the tabloids are printing, it’s a load of rubbish”, or the conspiracy side could say, “it’s a newspaper, why aren’t you taking notice of this?”.

It’s a lot of fun to work on. I started thinking, “oh this will be so funny” and when I started to research it I realised that it was really compelling. The answer is that we’ll never know if he exists or not because there’s so much of the world that’s yet to be explored.

I’ve really liked AUB. It’s good because it’s such a creative environment. You get fine artists sketching in the courtyard and you get make-up and fashion walking through — it’s good to see everyone in one place. I love it.”

Sam’s Sasquatch Analysis book was recognised by the International Society of Typographic Design and presented with a 2014 Student Award.