“The course has made me think differently. We have done a lot of concept and conceptual stuff from the get go, which has been good to learn. You start off with something small and it becomes very broad very quickly. It’s been good to learn, as you can expand on it and do something different from what you first thought.

The project I am showing here today is from the VICE brief, showcasing the Rule Britannia series on their channel, which is all about Britain and it’s people. It’s about all the types of people you don’t really see in documentaries, like debt collectors or people who collect really weird things, real British people.

I started off by travelling to a few different places in the country, and getting a snippet of what everywhere is like. I was going to pull it together and you would rotate it round and it would be all of England essentially. However, I felt it wasn’t human enough for the channel and wanted to focus it on people. I travelled with a photographer to London and tried to get as many people as I could to let me take their picture, which is harder than you think. I managed to get about 60 in a day, I aimed for 100, but 60 was good. I met some really interesting people, at the time London Comic-Con was on so I got some people in some really interesting costumes.

I got a guy with a massive beard, and another guy had paper clips in his earring. I got a real nice mix of people, who are real British people, so I flipped it around as not just ‘Rule Britannia’ but ‘We Rule Britannia’. I made it more about the people.

Practically the best thing I learned was how to make books. We have done bookbinding methods and how different bookbinding processes have different outcomes. You can have perfect binding machines, which bind things for you really quickly, or you can saddle stitch or french fold to make your book look a bit different. It’s really nice to learn those processes so, when it comes to it, you might have a client who says they want a certain type of book and you know how to make it.

I hope to network and meet people. I just had a portfolio review and met a company, which went well. They really liked my work, so it was great to speak to future employers!”