“The course works on a really broad range basis so its not just graphic design, illustration or photography. You work under such a broad range, it really helps define who you are as a designer, you can explore and really understand the type of work you are working with, the course is brilliant at helping you work out what is best for you as a designer, it doesn’t narrow you into one area, it lets you explore yourself, and they are always there to help and support you, so it is really beneficial under that aspect.

Today I am showing my final major project Roam, which is based on the National Parks inside the United Kingdom. It started off as a campaign to get people to visit them more often. There is a theory called dangerous means, that an idea is infectious. If you say something in the right way or show people in the right way, then people think ‘I want to do that’, almost like how Bear Grylls works. That’s the aspect I worked under.

I created a lifestyle travel magazine called Roam, I named the idea that you are travelling without a final destination, which you are learning through the experience. The first section of the magazine focuses on the 24 hours I spent inside the New Forest, I did all the writing and photography so it is pretty much my journal of experience inside the 24 hours. The front cover of the magazine, with the horse running, is a photo that was taken at 6am when I was camping; I was met by all these wild horses. The second section was looking all the trademanships inside the national parks, I was looking at a farrier, a sawmill, which is a dying trade around the UK but is still happening in the New Forest, someone who makes charcoal, and a carpenter, so it looks at the people who live and thrive off the New Forest.

I won best in show from D&AD for Roam, and won a D&AD pencil for the Nationwide Glow project. It was a really nice way to end the year together as we are all really close friends. It wasn’t the easiest brief as we had to make banking loyal again. It was a hard brief to tackle but, as designers, that’s the joy of it, taking something that isn’t as pretty and make it as exciting as possible to the people. We focused on the issue that money is no longer real or visible, that when you spend money you can’t see where its going unless you look online. We redesigned the bank card, it works under a traffic light scheme, green you are in the safe zone, yellow coming towards your budget, red you are in your budget. You can set your limits at the start of the day, all you do is hover your thumb over the logo, and we have found the technology to do so.”