“Studying visual communication has helped me grow as a designer. It has taught me lots of things and provided me with a really broad portfolio, which hopefully allows me to have lots of opportunities in the future as well. The course has been really supportive in many different elements of design, so we are very free to involve craft and digital, which is what I mainly work in.

Today I am showcasing my work for Ted Baker, and Nationwide Glow, which was our group project. That was actually a D&AD brief, which we chose because we wanted to make banking seem fun again. We took all the problems we had with banking and made banking fun again with a glowing card, which tells you your current bank balance so you can always stay in your own budget rather than being disconnected with your money. It’s gone back to them and we have a D&AD nomination.

My Ted Baker project was based on the idea that we spend seven hours looking at screens per day. I took email subjects from all different companies, threw them out and sent them back to the companies. Ted Baker responded to me and asked me to do some more work, and now it is up on their blog.

In first year we are given loads of tutorials on how to use the Adobe suite, so initially you become really proficient in that. Rather than having to learn it all yourself, you can use that and develop work that goes beyond that just by using the creative suite well.

I have learned from the course to enjoy doing your work and love what you’re doing, and to be really self-critical and keep pushing yourself.

I feel apprehensive leaving the course as its quite daunting leaving university, but we have been given so much advice and skills that I think the next chapter is really exciting.”