“For my final collection at AUB, I created series of avant-garde yet playful fashion accessory and embellishment pieces.

For these works I was inspired by the subtleties of repeat, order, overlay, linking and connecting that are present in Brutalist architecture; juxtaposed to the textures and patterns that encroach on these buildings like the growth of moss and peeling paints or drain covers and paving stones.

Tactility is key to my practice and by using surreal texture combinations and playing with materials, like including dip-dyed hair and fur fringing as well as including water in my work I hope to have achieved a fun collection which begs an inquisitive response from those who interact with my work. As a designer with a keen interest in new technologies, I predominantly use laser cutting and CAD embroidery in the production of my work, but believe it is important to marry this with hand-rendered methods of working- the construction process and a focus on the manipulation of materials is what I hope makes my work unique, fun and fashion forward.”