“Refraction displays both print and manipulation techniques creating a unique collection for womenswear fabrics and accessories. Taking inspiration from refracted imagery within everyday – looking at distorted forms in reflective surfaces along with digital malfunctions such as static and glitches.

I have used print techniques to create bold and colourful designs for garment and accessory fabrics. These printed fabrics are often reworked using folding techniques taking the form of geometric tessellations representing the refracted images viewed within window shapes of reflective architecture. These pieces are intended for accessory ideas focusing on bag panels.

2D folds also becomes 3D using bonding techniques to fuse components together and create expanding, movable pieces for bags/hand held accessories. These are interactive pieces whereby the piece has to be manipulated in some way to see its full form. These ideas are to be developed in terms of materials, structure etc.

Containing influences from aspects of sportswear prints, this collection is aimed towards a young female audience with it’s fresh yet playful colour palette with the addition of metallic and plastic hints to give a reflective quality.”