“To counteract the increasingly virtual nature of our lives and the challenges we face living in an attention economy, my work is about re-engaging with the physicality of materials. It is about stuff, and getting your hands dirty.

“I gather materials locally and have been collecting fallen branches from woods and water from rivers near to my home in West Dorset. I have transformed these materials into charcoal, ink and handmade paper.

“I am interested in the phenomenological aspects of drawing, particularly how the energy of the maker is transferred through process into or unified with the object or drawing. By making my own drawing materials this unification of matter and energy begins before even a mark is made on the paper. 

“Repetition is a recurring theme in my work. It can be through a repeated mark, or by repeating an action, for example, Searching for Stillness, 2017 is made with locally produced charcoal that has been repeatedly and systematically crushed to make a large free standing sculptural drawing.

“My aim is that the work will cause people to pause and maybe, just for a moment, experience a different reality, maybe more meditative – a quiet reflective moment away from daily distractions of our world today.”