“I’ve re-branded HMV for my final project, aligning it to today’s 21st century consumer and the future of retail as I see it. Everything is sold online today and I wanted to differentiate the online experience from the physical one, to keep people coming in to stores.

I created a new logo and a colour scheme. I was inspired by the independent music shop, Rough Trade – you go in there and you want to look at everything. I also recently collaborated with Blitz, a vintage shop just down the road from here. I did a lot of visual merchandising work with them.

Hopefully my branding encourages consumers to be quite tactile – to come in and experience the brand. You come into the store, use the products and listen to music. I’ve included private listening booths, so customers can listen to music without all the background noise.

My time at AUB has been really good. As a specialist arts university, I’ve been surrounded by creativity. I’ve been able to collaborate with students on other courses and build up connections.

I would love to work in visual merchandising. I’d like to do placements in lots of different areas to build up varied experience.”