“All the four images are from different projects, so I selected the four that I thought linked together as one. One is based on religion, another is based on stop and search. Most of the time, I feel that the themes I’ve picked for my work, in terms of race, religion etc, tend to be overlooked quite a lot. I tend to focus on stuff that gets ignored.

One of the images, the BJP one that I won, was based on me looking at stop and search. Most of the time it tends to be young black and Asian men that get stopped and searched quite a lot. I wanted to focus on that because the majority of the time, they don’t really have their own voice and it never gets expressed how they really feel. They have to run with it because it’s just a daily routine. What they felt and how they felt needed to be expressed. I did a mixture of portraiture and environmental shots, so I’d ask random boys that I would see. Instead of approaching it like police, I’d be like ‘I’m stopping you and wanting to know how you felt about it, how you think it’s going and where you think it’s leading’.

The other one is based on an estate, which is going through a demolishment period. I’m trying to make sure I capture moments of that, so an archive is created about it. Give it a few years and it’s going to be forgotten about. I feel like the residents and the estate need to be remembered.”