“Paper is a valuable resource. I felt inspired by paper; the versatile qualities and the openness of it as a material. However, more than 17.5 billion pieces of Junk Mail is produced yearly. The “Pulp: Make: Use” awareness campaign informs and persuades people to recycle and upcycle. The message is delivered in an integrated campaign utilising a book publication, posters and signature objects created using junk mail. There were facts and processes I learnt along the way during this project, and has made me realise just how much paper is all around us and how much we waste!

AUB was one of those places that just felt like home to me. I have been studying here for five years cannot believe how fast it has gone! Vis Com was certainly the right course for me, I found the support and advice from the tutors and other students extremely accommodating and always there if you need a helping hand. I have been proud to represent the course over three years; my confidence has grown personally and as a designer and am pleased to have a D&AD Best of Year award from my second year of Vis Com — something I would have never believed possible when I first started!”