My project was on St. Mark’s School. It’s a listed school in Bournemouth, more or less opposite the AUB campus. It’s 150 years old and they have really progressive teaching methods and access to advanced technology, but their classrooms are quite Victorian. Although they have interactive whiteboards instead of a blackboard, it’s still quite a traditional setup, so I looked to teaching methods and learning styles and how children learn and develop.

I developed learning environments that are more open and have different environments that are better suited to kinaesthetic learners,  visual learners, logical learners, auditory learners. When they enter the lower part of the school, in this area they discover what kind of learner they are by experiencing each type and they can feel more comfortable in their best environment. By the time they reach the upper area of the school, it’s much more open and they can be given and know the best place to go to do that.

You can find out more about the process behind Hannah’s project over on her website.