Unashamedly modernist, Jim Hunter’s work has the process of making at its very core. His work always begins with a place, an inspirational location from which he uses material, form and colour to create work that has enjoyment and experience at its centre.

Hunter attended art school at the then Teesside College of Art, going on to study painting at Winchester School of Art from 1970-73 and graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1976.

Hunter has exhibited in many solo and group shows, including ‘A Short Grand Tour’2007 and ‘Beyond the Commission’ 2011 at The Gallery, The Arts University Bournemouth.  His experience in the Cité des Arts, Paris fueled his interest in modernism and abstraction. An occupation with place extended to a period of travel in Venice in 2005 where he spend a sabbatical period creating work in response to his experience.

Pursued his painting practice alongside a career in art education, Hunter is Professor Emeritus of Painting at the Arts University Bournemouth. Here he has also held the post of Deputy Vice-Chancellor. He was the chair for the New Forest Pavilion seminar ‘Does Art Matter: Collecting Contemporary Art’ at the 54th Venice Biennale 2009.