“These are my product mashups. I’ve taken the design language of a chainsaw and a sewing machine, and swapped them over so it changes your perception of how well they would function. You’ve got the feminine elements of the sewing machine design contrasting with the ‘manliness’ of the chainsaw. The sewing machine looks like it could sew through bark!

In the International Journal of Design I saw a Swedish group who explored this idea of gender norms with a hand drill and a hand blender.

It’s been about having fun with swapping around how things look. It was interesting actually getting a design down for these – what elements you leave in or out. Trying to get the essence of the design language without loosing the functionality.”


“The puppet was a client led brief. The client is a performer that uses circus skills to tell the condensed history of Britain. He was starting a web series and needed some puppets and one of the things he required was a bespoke knight on a horse. He has a plastic styrene skeleton with dip dye cotton stretched over so he has a soft quality but he can stand on his own and he’s quite tough. The puppet comes apart so you can use it like a muppet puppet with the rods in the arms.”