“Press Play was a mass participation event, in which a crowd gathered at the Triangle in Bournemouth Town Centre to listen to the same MP3 at the same time. Participants listened to an MP3 that instructed them to take part in activities such as high fiving strangers, attaching pegs with compliments to unsuspecting members of the public, and taking part in a dance off. The track took them on a journey through town and down to the seafront.

In preparation for this event, we built up a brand with a strong following. Nudge’s aim was to create humorous happenings in public spaces. Our most successful publicity stunt was on Valentine’s Day when an actor and violinist travelled around university handing roses to girls and serenading them. We also organised guerrilla marketing campaigns to publicise our brand and Press Play.

The purpose of Nudge was that there is no purpose. We wanted fun things to happen for no reason and for people to ‘play’ again, like they did as children.

Vision: To recreate the element of play within society.

Mission: We aim to create shared experiences in Bournemouth by staging a series of innovate and humorous happenings in public spaces.

Values: Excitement. Fun. Innovation. Experience. Connectivity”

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