“In the first year on this course, I decided to do a project based on disaster shelters. I enjoyed it so much I thought I would take it through to my third year.

I looked at disasters that happened recently, there was one in India, a cyclone, so I chose that to design for. I picked an area on the West Coast of India that had been struck by this cyclone and decided to use this as the location.

Then it was all about finding a building that was appropriate and big enough to do what I wanted to do. As it progressed, I starting to design ways of producing shelter and ways of reducing disaster risks to the communities. There is an area for rations, so people can get them when they are not in the shelter. There are workshops to teach the community how to look after themselves and become resilient. There are lots of aspects to it to help all the year around. When a disaster strikes, is when these shelter pods will be set up for people to live in basically.

The reason it is a pre-emptive shelter is because nowadays we can actually predict when a lot of different disasters are going to happen. With Cyclones there is a 3-4 day boundary between when they can occur and then hit the land, the idea is that the structure can compress so that the area inside becomes storage for aid. So, when we predict a disaster is going to happen, it will extend out to fill the whole space. In each side is a pod with four beds in, which creates enough space for a family to live in. It is quite technical and a bit geeky, but I like that!

I have really enjoyed AUB. When I came to Bournemouth I immediately felt like I was in a good location and was on a good course, so I took that further. Being a bit older, I knew what I wanted to do and was driven to succeed.

For me, it pretty much was everything I wanted it to be.”