“Everyone loves lego and everyone loves taking the mickey out of politicians, so I thought I’d put the two together. Lego have done everything, but the one thing they haven’t done it politicians, so I’ve done the G7 summit, plus Vladimir Putin, because he wasn’t invited. I made the 7 political leaders of the G7 in lego form, and I also created a number of props that are popular in popular culture and also used in satire. The idea was that people could create political satire in a really fun and engaging way, using the props available.

In a different theme, I made a model for a museum in my hometown. This is a Roman building called a Mansio, which is basically a modern day travel lodge. There’s baths, there’s rooms where you sleep and get a bit of food. My hometown, Chelmsford, is situated in between the Celtic capital of Colchester and the Roman capital of London. When dignitaries travelled between the two, they needed a place to stay and where they stopped off was in Chelmsford. All that exists now are the foundations.

The guy I made it for excavated the site, but wanted a model of it made. So I first made this in CAD, and made an exact copy of the artist impression. It’s all trying to make it as historically accurate as possible. This is probably not completely 100% identical to what it looked like, but all I had to go on were the foundations, the artist impression and I read quite a few books on Roman architecture. This is as accurate as I could get it. I’ve tried to model it, not as if it’s been destroyed, but as if someone has grabbed a section and removed it, so you can see the roof, rafters, the wooden beams etc.

I’ve loved the course. At times it was really challenging and very stressful, but everyone is so passionate about what they do. I’ve made some great mates and love what I did, I’m sad it’s all over.”