“My work is born from the need to play. I believe that play is fundamental for the human state. This piece is based on out of gravity play. I made a swing and then used the illusion of balloons to make you feel uplifted.

As you grow up, you seem to lose the need or the ability to play. A child would just embrace it and allow it to happen. I believe that our ability to play and interact all the way through life is what makes us different from animals.

The course is really good. You’re allowed to do whatever you want, and they’re helpful in making you do that. You do have to be quite driven and know what you want to go out and achieve it.

I knew I wanted to be an installation artist, but coming up with play as a subject was influenced by my first year. One of my tutors, Tom, introduced me to games and interaction the the gallery. It was a snowball effect of little things.

We’ve created an art collective called Black Fire, putting installations into festivals. We did Somerley Tea Party recently, so I’m going to carry on doing that.”