“I made a replica of the Planet of the Apes 1969 Ursus monster. It’s going into a Sci-Fi museum in Northumberland. It was commissioned and is a donation from me.

“It’s hand sculpted, and took about two weeks to sculpt, and it’s moulded and casted in silicone. It’s hand hair punched, which took about three days!

“It was a bit of a breakthrough for me, as it’s the first model I’ve really felt proud of at the end. After all of these years of making, it feels like I’ve just missed the bar. Because I was making this for someone else, it gave me the motivation to get it done, and to a high standard.

“On the basis of that, I wanted to show that I can do realism as well. So I sculpted this real gorilla, made from false bronze. It’s fibreglass with bronze in the gel coat.

“Then there’s a character which ties into a story I’ve been writing, for literally five years! I wanted to try and tie in my work to my personal project. So I made a character that I call a Docklewaffler.

“The book is supposed to belong to a lady who has been travelling with a circus for many years, and over the years has collected extracts and pieces from around the world.

“I’ve loved my time at AUB. When I went into university, I felt nervous and very out of my depth, but you go to the workshop and start talking to people, and everyone is so willing to share their skills with you! No one is holding back. The tutors are lovely and they’ve been so supportive. I couldn’t have managed without their support.

“I came straight out of college, and didn’t do a Foundation year. Then I took a year out, and came back, which was the best decision ever. I took a step back, allowed myself to mature, then came back with new eyes on it all.

“I would love to find a job, ideally sculpting. Anything making, but sculpting would be great!”