“Studying at AUB has everything I thought it would be and more. I didn’t really know what Fashion studies had to offer, but from doing it, all aspects, magazines and everything, it is a lot more if anything.

The most useful thing I have learned, in my first year I came in thinking I was the next big thing and that I am amazing. It’s learning people skills and realising that actually everyone is in the same position, and you are all learning from the bottom and working your way up, that was the biggest challenge for me, accepting that I am not amazing right away.

Being in third year, I can safely say from learning things I am now ready!

I made my outfit today for my final major, I looked into personas and personalities; I am a drag queen at the same time as being a manly man, so all characters, and turning myself and my personal aesthetic into a brand.

Now that I have graduated I want to earn some money! I want a small business, a select audience that can wear my things, a little boutique in London. I would like to intern for a couple of years to get to know the business before I try and make my own.

My best Bournemouth memory has been Cameo, it is so tacky but I love it!

If I had the opportunity to come back and re-do the three years I would, because they have so much more to offer. I would say to anyone wanting to study Fashion to go now.

Visit: amdma.co.uk