“My final project is based on perception. I wanted to look at how a person views artwork, senses sound, anything which is linked with perception. And how it is completely different for someone else. I looked in to formalism and semblance, picking out one thing from many.

I also researched abstract art which is perception- based; you might come back to it and see different things. I experimented imagining what you see when you eat and how colour linked in to that. Bridget Riley was my main inspiration; she describes her mind’s eye. I wanted to bring chaos in to my work so I recoded different sounds at the arcade on Bournemouth Pier. I really like working with a glue gun, with liquid latex and interpreting different sounds and sound analogies with them.

I made a canvas pointillism project; for three hours I recorded conversations in a pointillism form. I did a time-lapse video and I also looked at emotion and confusion in the mind with some metal experiments. I also worked with colours and puff binder and experimented with a glue gun on water.

My final piece is a veil portraying the chaos and the fogginess of the mind, and an abstract piece made out of plywood. I’m going to study BA (Hons) Fine Art at AUB.”