“The work I am showing here is from an independent exhibition, which was set up by some of the students. I had been on holiday to Australia for a couple of weeks to go to a wedding, and thought I would explore the clichés of going on holiday. Everyone thinks they have packed well for holiday and the right way, I wanted to highlight that the stuff you pack you don’t actually use.

I was most proud of my final major project, which was a short narrative comics based on a radio show on Radio 4, called digital human about how technology affects our lives an how it will effect society in future I made a series of six illustrations based on that. I feel like that was the point where I knew what I was doing, and found my style finally.

The freedom allowed to us has let us find ourselves, they send us into the wild really and say go and find yourself. There has never been any ‘you should do this’. If we are in the middle of a project and say a professional opportunity comes up, the tutors say don’t worry about the project, go and do that because your career is important. I feel like the tutors are amazing at setting us up and telling us what to expect when we leave.

At the beginning of third year I was meant to be doing my final major project, then an opportunity came up for me to do art for a local student’s film for his major project. We are just super encouraged to collaborate with other people, so I could work that in to my project, even though it wasn’t strictly related. It’s not too much about the school work, but the work ethic and how to work together.

Working with others and learning how to organise a project are the best things I have learned. The process of learning a project and following it through, and getting feedback was great. When I came to uni, I had an idea of how I like to work. The tutors give you feedback and at the beginning you think ‘I don’t think I want anyone to tell me how to work’, but with that and setting up our graduation show has been a good opportunity to work with people and organise things. I feel way more experienced now and pretty happy going out and doing my own thing.

I would like to get interest in my work from being here and in the course. Next I want to find some studio work, but its all open really.”