“This all came from looking at optical illusions and cameras, that’s where the mirrors come from. I got into doing optical illusion interactive art.

I really like how viewers interact with pieces. I wanted to get people to play with it. You have to discover it yourself. When they do, it’s quite playful.

I came from Foundation, doing Film and Photography. It just developed from there. I really wanted to do something physical and sculptural, but wasn’t sure how to take it from there. I realised I could just have the mechanisms of a camera, in sculpture.

My third year was fantastic. It’s been so much fun and we’ve worked as a team to do everything for each other. It’s great to do things like this and exhibit our work and run fundraising nights.

I would love to keep making art. I also have an interest in public art and installation art, so I’d love to be able to do commissions.”