At the very start of this year, we launched our first edition of ‘One Piece of Advice‘ Alumni magazine.
Featuring interviews with Sir Peter Cook,  Bob and Roberta Smith, Giles Duley, One Piece of Advice also focuses on recent graduates such as Abby Austin, who showed us a typical day at Aardman Animation.  The magazine is a true reflection of our rich creative community, with all illustrations and design undertaken by AUB Alumni.

‘Creative advice is not black and white – there is no absolute right or wrong. Advice isn’t owned by the experienced and knowledgeable, any more than it is owed to the young and inexperienced/ Advice isn’t bound by discipline or exchanged for advice of equal worth.’

We also launched our ‘OPOA Podcast‘. Listen to exclusive inspirational talks, lectures and interviews from our creative community.

In September 2016 ‘OPOA’ magazine won ‘Highly Commended’ at the Brand Impact Awards.