“There’s a very high standard of work this year, especially within AUB. I won the Drapers Fashion Publication Award, and the first runner up was Alice Day, also from AUB! We’ve had  a lot of good representation.

My publication was part of a bigger project, focusing on slow fashion innovation. I was looking at trying to change the way we engage and experience fashion, as well as installing a bit of longevity, permanence and discovery. I want people to make the choice to invest in fashion that has a future.

I’m interested in how technology is impacting our experience of it. A lot of fashion experiences are mediated through screen, and there’s a huge disconnect there. Creative directors and designers are stepping down now, because they just can’t keep up with it. So much time and money goes into creating collections and content, so much of it is ephemeral because we just swipe through, scratch the surface, but don’t actually immerse ourselves in a particular idea.

With that in mind, I created a subscription for people who want to change the way they engage, and connect with something in a more personal way. My brand is called If Not Now. I created an events programme which would encourage people to meet in a physical space, and for emerging designers to showcase their work in a new way.

I also focused on ethical designers. Throw away culture and fast fashion is very very ‘now’. Things don’t have a chance to make an impact because everything moves so quickly.

I designed a website, which is the house to hold all the elements of the project. It would be a place where subscribers can access a personal feed of information. There’s so much content now, it’s often hard to find what you’re looking for.

The final product was a triptych of publications. I wanted to create something that had permanence in print. There are interviews with people in industry from everyone from Caryn Franklin, who has been in the industry for a while now, to newer brands who are doing different things. Everything in it collaborative and trying to showcase the next generation, as well as introducing people to a slower lifestyle. It’s supposed to be very explorative.

When I found out I’d won the Publication Award, it took me about 30 seconds to realise what had happened. It’s a huge honour, I hope something does come from it. I have an interest in publications and I’d love to explore that further. Because the course is so broad, it allows you to try lots of different things. I think I could go into a lot of different areas. It’s a good way to finish!”